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It happens that I am asked, how the project evolves, what is the story of the piece of furniture we design, we work on.

I thought that the best story is the one about the Luna cradle. That is a real “parenting” design.

It started a couple of months ago, on a beach… Imagine the sun, the sea, and the happy news – our friend Marysia is going to have a baby.

She asks me for help – she needs a cradle to swing her baby to sleep softly:)

The rest is very natural – 9 months of pregnancy, 9 months to create a special cradle for rock-and-roll mammy Maria.

Please have a look, how I tried to satisfy her with modern, but with a glimpse of classic, design.

From the very first sketch, through the mock-ups, and to the final cradle body!

I must say, yes there was a happy end for all of us. Maria gave home birth to Luna – lovely and sweet girl. Congratulations!

I was ready with a baby furniture! It got little girl’s name: LUNA! XXX

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