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bontri table black


BONTRI collection – based on 3 points of construction – oak wood table with oil finish resist any adversity, winds, and storms.

BONTRI table collection is all about wood & minimalism. Powerful form and a jewel of craftsmanship.

The style-and-ready construction encourages to compose unique compilations.

Tables signed with Swallow’s Tail logo.

Now new colour is available! Pure black!

BONTRI – a construction you can rely on: modern design and high quality of craftsmanship. The shape of the table legs slightly narrows, the table top is defined by the drawing of a cut rim. It is made of oak wood.

The table took  it’s name from a basic construction concept – being well balanced on three legs, having three points of support. The collection started with round tables with three legs and later evolved to incorporate ellipses too. Combined, they form interesting systems.


diameter – 50 cm, 60 cm, height – 44 cm

on the photo with BONTRI TABLE 110

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50 cm, 60 cm


38 cm, 44 cm, 50 cm


4 weeks

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