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The ST SIDEBOARD is a classic design piece with a hint of 1950s style. The concept is built upon the precision of details that shape the entire form. It is a must-have for those who appreciate nature, elegance, and reliability.

The ST SIDEBOARD is a classic example of balanced design with a touch of the 1950s. This piece of furniture exudes charm while maintaining impeccable craftsmanship. It conceals many details that connoisseurs will delight in discovering.

The ST SIDEBOARD is a masterpiece of craftsmanship with perfect proportions and unique details. It is distinguished by handcrafted elements, such as contoured handle openings, traditional wooden drawers with the characteristic classic dovetail joint, and supports at the base that interlock like puzzle pieces. The stable, originally designed structure elevates the sideboard slightly above the ground.

The joints of the sideboard’s body are invisible, creating a sleek, solid cabinet silhouette. Inside, concealed brass hinges are used. These features create a convenient storage space for items that should be within reach but out of sight.

The ST SIDEBOARD is practical and handy, suitable for any style, whether Scandinavian, loft, vintage, or any room in your home, be it the living room, bedroom, or office – it seems indispensable.

The designer ST Sideboard evokes warm memories of a family home or grandparents’ residence. However, a fresh, somewhat Scandinavian interpretation of the 1950s style, the use of natural materials, and classic techniques in modern execution elevate them to an entirely new level. The ST Sideboard is an excellent award-winning design – a MUST-HAVE recognized by the ŁÓDŹ DESIGN FESTIVAL.

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  • FSC-certified oak wood
  • FSC-certified walnut wood

Dimensions: Length 124.5 cm, Depth 45.5 cm, Height 60 cm

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ST Sideboard S 123 x 45.5 x 60h, ST Sideboard M 161 x 45.5 x 60h, ST Sideboard L 192 x 45.5 x 60h


oak, walnut


4 – 6 weeks

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