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Tamaza Oak


Tamaza table is the feminine emanation of the strong masculine Tamazo design.

Tamaza table – delicate but strong! The light construction of its long table legs gives the impression of gentleness and elegance. Don’t be deceived by the appearance, it is a powerful and reliable base. If you trust the modern charm of Tamaza table, you can easily arrange any kind of a contemporary living room, dinning room or a kitchen.
Functionality and modern design go together hand by hand. 

Inspiration- bridges, footbridges that are capable of carrying heavy loads and at the same time appear lightweight and elegant, owing it to the brilliant ideas of their constructors.

The Tamaza table is made of two kinds of wood: walnut or oak. Finished with natural oils.

There is also the possibility of a varnish finish or colour option – please contact us: info@stfurniture.com

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oak natural oiled, light oak oiled, white oak oiled, nugat brown oak oiled, oak natural varnished, black oak lacquered


8 weeks

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