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For architects

We cooperate with architects, interior designers and decorators to create beautiful interiors!

We share all our experience and knowledge about furniture design with architects, interior designers and decorators.
Our products are the best fit for all kinds of contemporary interior projects, both for the individuals, and contract area.


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by phone: +48 664 998 811
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We send 2D/3D models, photos, catalogues of furniture and all the necessary information about our products.


Swallow’s Tail design team collaborate with architects, interior designers and decorators. We help to take design decisions, and get all elements to incorporate.
There is a bunch of important information we share, construction details, materials characteristic, wood samples, finish shades, palettes of colours.

We customise our products. Most the tables are ready to customise, available in a choice of length, width, and material.
We also design furniture for the project, and provide all the design process: from scratch of first drwawings to the final order, we take care about every detail.
Our studio offers bespoko furniture that are made especially for the project in a collaboration with an interior designer.


The lead time for special projects is 6 – 8 weeks, for more advanced projects we estimate the production timing individually. We care for the best quality of our furniture, that is why the process of the production is challenging. We select the best wood material, we work for the best CNC process, finally our craftsmen finish every piece of furniture by hand.Our Furniture is made with special care to meet the highest demands of our clients. Both functional and appealing, made to last and endure beautifully.

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