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MASIV OAK table is a unique piece of art. A table that we could call a “Statement”, a “Sculpture”,  a “Dream”.

MASIV  is a study in contrasts between warm and cold materials, smooth-graphic and rough-solid elements.

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Masiv OAK is a unique piece of art. A statement table. A sculpture table. A dream table. It attracts attention from all angles. MASIV is built on a very strong contrast between the natural wooden top and delicate graphic-like steel construction.

You can never have two identical MASIVES, every product is original. To bring it to life an unrepeatable composition of raw oak boards is designed every single time, to maintain  the natural beauty of the wood.

Material: solid oak wood, stainless steel

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Masiv OAK M 200x100x74h, Masiv OAK L 220x100x74h


6 weeks

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